Our mission: to display international brands in the best rooftop locations in Switzerland

Give your brand exceptional visibility

Illuminated signs are vectors of communication impact in a global and local marketing strategy: notoriety, prestige, "Swiss passport", access to the restricted circle of premium brands.

  • Visibility of a brand: more than 100'000 people / day from the Mont-Blanc bridge in Geneva
  • Presence 365 days/year and 24/7

We select locations adapted to your strategy branded

  • Either in portfolio (sites currently under management)
  • Either on the basis of a specific research on mandate

We accompany you until the signature of the contract in the following countries better terms

Are you interested in a location in Switzerland?

  • We carry out for you a personalized implementation study.

Let us know your wishes (dates, places, budget)

  • As soon as a pitch becomes available at the desired location we pre-book it for you and contact you immediately.

Are you looking for international locations?

Paris, Lille, Lyon, Lyon, Marseille, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, other cities on request.

Our locations in Switzerland





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geneva banking district
Geneve Quai Gustave Ador
Central Zurich

Technical data :

Typical sign size mini / max :

length from 5 meters to 20 meters.
Height: up to 1 metre (around the Rade de Genève). Dimensions may exceed 1 metre according to the legislation of the geographical sectors, communes, cantons and countries.

Possible rental periods min / max :

5 to 10 years renewable

Indicative production cost of a sign :

approx. CHF 20'000-30'000 depending on the dimensions of the brand and its constraints

Indicative rental cost per year :

on request, specific conditions by location

Booking deadlines recommended:

more than 12 months in advance

Specific searches on request according to your criteria:

  • country, city, district
  • building roof, illuminated sign, facade, giant poster
  • budget

Maintenance guarantees in case of breakage / electrical failure :

guarantees for the equipment supplier (sign), on-site maintenance.