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To remain present in the minds of their customers and attract new prospects, the most famous brands use a range of complementary tools to multiply contacts and impose their name, logo or identity in the popular unconscious...


Prestigious and elegant: the illuminated signs that light up the Rade de Genève on Lake Geneva are a true signature. First appearing in the mid-1930s and popular with luxury brands and the financial world, they have become part of the collective imagination of Geneva and have been part of the city's landscape for many generations, so much so that without them, the city would not look quite the same at night. Brands have understood this and want to associate themselves with the image of international Geneva. However, the installation of an illuminated sign is governed by Geneva regulations and the locations of these skysigns are subject to Swiss legislation on commercial leases.

Innovation and Finance

For several years now, fintechs have been transforming the financial sector by bringing new services to individuals and businesses. Whether it is online banking, participatory finance, mobile payments, savings management or financial advice, fintechs are making good use of technological innovations.


The fight against counterfeiting is more than ever a topical issue in the luxury sector. Indeed, over the last few years, the phenomenon has developed strongly and the sale of fraudulent products causes several billion euros in losses to the luxury industry. As a result, the fight against counterfeit products requires an ever stronger commitment from brands that must protect their turnover, but also their image which is fundamental in this sector. Thus, to counter parallel trade, Luxury Houses are implementing dissuasive strategies and developing new innovative technologies like blockchain.

Luxury and sustainable development

In a world where social and environmental issues are at the heart of concerns. Sustainability is becoming an important purchasing criterion for the consumer. Aware of their role to play in sustainable development, luxury brands are mobilizing to create a product that conveys ethical and ecological values. 

Geneva Watch Days

Launched at the initiative of several major luxury brands, the Geneva Watch Days will take place from 26 to 29 August next with the full support of the State and City of Geneva. The event will be the only major gathering for the watchmaking community in 2020 after the cancellations of Baselworld and Watches & Wonders following the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

How to generate new income for your building?

In this period of confinement, we suggest that you take a little height on the roofs of Geneva buildings. Come and sail with us around the magnificent Rade de Genève. Through this article, you will discover how buildings can generate new income through creative solutions. Enjoy reading!

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